Massachusetts Family Law Mediator Working Toward Solutions

When a marriage breaks up there are countless issues to consider and problems to resolve. In the beginning, you and your spouse may feel angry, hurt, and disappointed. In the long run, however, you will both greatly benefit from working together in an open and honest forum to resolve your differences. Mediation can help you see what the other person is saying. It can help you listen more clearly and give a voice to those who may otherwise feel intimidated by the legal process.

Additionally, family courts encourage parties to negotiate together and participate in mediation. Mediation allows you to be proactive with your divorce and set forth standards of communication and conduct that can make your post divorce situation better.

I can be that neutral third party who can help you iron out the details of your divorce to avoid a lengthy and expensive courtroom battle later on. As a mediator, it is my job to help both parties devise a solution that will work for them. It is my 25 years of experience that helps me customize an approach to your goals, not a formula.

I will work toward a solution tailored to your goals. I do not impose arbitrary, cookie-cutter solutions. We'll work toward what's right for you. ~ Attorney Belle F. Soloway

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